BANCROFT | Mother’s Day + Crafts Recap

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

On last week at Bancroft we celebrated our MOTHERS every single day! CES MOMS, did you receive at least 5 special somethings, well put together by your little one(s)? You should have! Because they worked so very hard on their mini projects in showing their love for you.

There were even some students creating double of the same project and I asked, “Oh are you making one for your grandmother too?!” Wellllll unfortunately that was NOT the case, and instead ALL for you, MOM!

**One thing about craft time at Bancroft, I instruct the teachers to allow their students to be creative in their very own way, by themselves. I think it’s important to watch and help from a distance in implementing fun + creativity; and also gives them some free space to come up with their own ideas!

Here’s what they did:

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CES Welcomes New Curriculum Specialist, Ms. Janice Harper + EARTH DAY

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

You may have noticed a *NEW* face around our parts during the After School programs at both Bancroft + JO Wilson. Yep, that’s right — we have a new staff and her name is Ms. Janice Harper. She came on board last week to serve as our Curriculum Specialist and we absolutely just LOVE her presence, energy and helpful tips! She’s a former educator and her connection with the kids is like none other. Simply put, she reminds me A LOT of my very own mother who’s also a retired educator. Ms. Janice brings a breath of fresh air and warmth to the program and treats the children as her own.

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Also on last week, we celebrated EARTH DAY! Our kids love Earth Day and if you ask them all about, please plan to take a moment to hear them out — because they will have quite a lot of engaging things to say!

Thanks so much Ms. Jan (as we call her) for coming in to read to our students about Earth Day. They really enjoyed it!

And let me just commend our kids on their coloring! Isn’t it wonderful? They have surely improved from the beginning of the year 🙂

Take a look:

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Come Take A Quick Look Into Jo Wilson Elementary School

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

A couple of months back, we announced that one of our Kindergarten co-teachers, Ms. Helene Fisher would be moving on to coordinate the CES program at Jo Wilson Elementary School. Although we miss her each and every day, we’re here to let you know that all things are going well for her in her new environment with new friends!

She has had two opportunities to visit with the Kindergarteners at Bancroft, but sadly we have not received the same opp to visit with her 😦

But don’t fret! Here are just a few photos that she has offered to share with us. Enjoy!

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Fall/Winter RECAP 2015: Parties, Outside Play + Adventure!

Hi Parents, Guardians, + Friends!

Welcome back and Happy New Year 2016! We surely hope that you all had an incredible holiday break — with family and with your dearest friends! So much has been going on and we are excited to update you!

As we prepared for our lengthy holiday break, the staff did an amazing job preparing fun Christmas and Winter activities for the kids 🙂 We colored fun sheets, discussed related themes (from snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa Clause… to mittens and coats!) On our final day before the break, they crafted their very own Christmas tree ornaments. Take a look!

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End Of School Year Fun! See What Happened :-)

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

Charli here! I hope that you all have had a WONDERFUL summer! I have myself — from a little traveling to moving into a new place, to just having fun with with friends — this has been a terrific summer for me! But needless to say,

I miss all of our CES kids 😦

Let’s recap from the end of the 2014-2015 school year. During the last couple of weeks as we wrapped up the year doing absolutely nothing but FUN THINGS, we utilized a good bit of that time to enjoy the outside weather. We also spent a little of time inside doing arts + crafts 🙂

By the last day, we enjoyed a Popsicle Party and Chalk Art on our playground! Do you see your child?? Here’s what happened:

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Recap | Oh, How We Love Our Amazing Mothers!

During the week prior to Mother’s Day, each of our CES classes completed one big project, with mini coloring projects throughout the week. We made them really pink, really red… just really colorful — all for our amazing mothers!

If you’re a Kindergarten mother, you should have received a Mother’s Day DIY book full of their week-long hard work created by myself and Ms. Helene! If you’re a PK4 mother, you should have gotten a DIY tissue paper flower/vase (water bottle) with a cutesy bow created by Ms. Keith and Ms. Gladys. If you are a PK3 mother, you got quite a few really small DIY gifts created by Ms. Dela Rosa and Ms. Flores.

Take a look!

**Note, not all pictures from that week have been collected. Will update this post once received!

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“Oh The Places You Will Go!” — Our Week Exploring Dr. Seuss!

Despite these two snow days, this past week was ALL ABOUT the brilliant…


On the three days that we shared together, we explored, read and celebrated his birthday with fun activities and crafts. Special thanks to our staff members, Ms. Helene and Ms. Keith for loaning their special collection of Dr. Seuss books so that our kids could truly get a taste of his catchy phrases and colorful creatures!

From the classics, “Green Eggs & Ham” and “One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish”, to the more modern “Horton Hears A Who”, and “The Lorax”… Oh these are the places we’ve gone!

** Not to mention, Monday was pajama day 🙂

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RECAP | Georgetown University Children’s Theatre Visits To Perform “The Race That Took the Cake”

On last week, we had the pleasure of attending a special children’s theatre performance put on by Georgetown University! Special Thanks to Ms. Cristina for the invitation, what a fun adventure it was 🙂 A few members of the theatre troupe performed what was especially written for elementary kids, “The Race that Took the Cake”!

It starts off with an elderly woman telling the story about a past experience that she had when she was considered one of the fastest sledders in the land; and all of the challenges (fun challenges) that she faced during that period of time. This play was centered around the themes of obedience, healthy nutrition, right/wrong as well as a few others to be understood by elementary aged school children.

Our CES kids surely enjoyed themselves and we’ve been told that we shall have other experiences such as this one in the future!

Here’s what happened…

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Reminders + Important Dates For the Month Of February

Good morning parents, friends and guardians!

Just wanted to keep you all updated and informed about upcoming dates that will affect our After School program.


  • Friday, February 13, 2015: (Professional Development Day for DCPS) There will be NO school or aftercare for CES students.
  • Monday, February 16, 2015: (Presidents Day) There will be NO school or aftercare for CES students.
  • Monday, February 23, 2015: (Parent/Teacher Conference Day) There will be NO school or aftercare for CES students.

Also, for this week, with the help of our staff members, we will be doing one (1) Valentines Day craft project and one (1) Black History Month project with our CES art teacher!

Happy Tuesday and have a great day!

Welcome February 2015!

Hello parents, friends and guardians!

February has finally arrived (Wow, where has the time gone?) and while we’re trying to stay cozy and as warm as possible, I am happy to report that year 2015 has already been good to CES! We have 2 fun activities each week (Capoeira and Art) and we’ve also started our new partnership with JUMPSTART! To be discussed in a later post 🙂 This year, we are priding ourselves in keeping our students involved, engaged and interested in our program and its activities! Contagious energy, I tell you!

So far here’s what has happened:

With the help of myself and Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Helene, each week, they plan an exciting theme to study and discuss. Since November, they have studied:

  • planets/solar system
  • winter sports
  • the letter P (princesses, pirates and pizza!)
  • dinosaurs
  • water creatures

Sounds fun, right? Take a look!

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Pre-K 4 has also been having quite an exciting experience! Ms. Gladys and Ms. Keith each bring interesting crafts and activities for our little ones to enjoy each and every day (that is, when they aren’t busy with Capoeira, art and Jumpstart!)

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And lastly, our babies, Pre-K 3 keep busy with learning new activities and their many curious questions! It’s always fun to peek in on Pre-K 3 because they are so excited to share with me what they completed and learned how to do! (Can we say, pizza, puzzles and play-doh?!) But, we’re sure that you get your share at home each evening 🙂

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