Welcome February 2015!

Hello parents, friends and guardians!

February has finally arrived (Wow, where has the time gone?) and while we’re trying to stay cozy and as warm as possible, I am happy to report that year 2015 has already been good to CES! We have 2 fun activities each week (Capoeira and Art) and we’ve also started our new partnership with JUMPSTART! To be discussed in a later post ­čÖé This year, we are priding ourselves in keeping our students involved, engaged and interested in our program and its activities! Contagious energy, I tell you!

So far here’s what has happened:

With the help of myself and Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Helene, each week, they plan an exciting theme to study and discuss. Since November, they have studied:

  • planets/solar system
  • winter sports
  • the letter P (princesses, pirates and pizza!)
  • dinosaurs
  • water┬ácreatures

Sounds fun, right? Take a look!

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Pre-K 4 has also been having quite an exciting experience! Ms. Gladys and Ms. Keith each bring interesting crafts and activities for our little ones to enjoy each and every day (that is, when they aren’t busy with Capoeira, art and Jumpstart!)

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And lastly, our babies, Pre-K 3 keep busy with learning new activities and their many curious questions! It’s always fun to peek in on Pre-K 3 because they are so excited to share with me what they completed and learned how to do! (Can we say, pizza, puzzles and play-doh?!) But, we’re sure that you get your share at home each evening ­čÖé

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