End Of Year Recap On All the FUN STUFF! (Yoga, Creative Movement + Snack Time)

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

We are approaching the end of this school year (2016-2017) and I simply can not believe it! Like, WOW where did the time REALLY go?! But I guess that saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun” can live up to its meaning. This year has definitely been one amazing trip.  I’m so excited to see all of our CES camp excel to the next grade level — they’ve earned it! Although I will really miss my Kindergarteners who’ve been hanging out with me since they were in PK3 🙂

Any who, I’d like to think that a few of our memories from this year will stem from Yoga (with Ms. Ayana), Creative Movement (with Ms. GiGi), free play + snack time. In all classes, there’s nothing like seeing the smiling faces of joy when it’s time to do those activities. And since the weather has been generally nice + beautiful, they prefer to eat their snacks outside, sitting on the benches in the courtyard. How could I say “no” to that?!

Take a moment with me in recapping all of the tons of fun that we’ve had this school year:

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Enrichment With Ms. Ayana (Yoga) + Creative Movement (Ms. Gigi)

Hello Parents, Guardians + Friends!

Enrichment as certainly been a joy for our little CES friends so far!  This year, we’ve been hanging out with Ms. Ayana in Yoga and the ever so colorful Ms. Gigi in Creative Movement. If you had to ask your child which they liked better, they’d probably tell you that it’s a hard choice! However, our students have asked about Mr. Dale in Capoeira so, hopefully we can get him back for next semester after the holidays!

In addition to Enrichment, we also make sure to give students enough time for outside play, free play (centers), free draw and coloring! This blog is featuring our PK4 class with teachers: Ms. Destinee, Ms. Gladys + Ms. Keith.

Nevertheless, take a peek at how much CES is enjoying this year’s fun…

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Nooooo….. Don’t Go Ms. Helene! But If You Must — We Will Miss You!

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

Unfortunately with a new, exciting year, also comes changes.  Many of you know by now that we lost an AMAZING staff member; our dedicated Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Helene. But no worries! She is still with our CES program, as Site Coordinator at JO Wilson Elementary. Want to keep in touch with her?? She welcomes you for a phone call or just a pop-up visit 🙂

And surely there was absolutely no way we could send her off without doing one of our favorite things: PARTYING! From freeze dance to stuffing our face with cupcakes + cookies! It was a bittersweet day, but with lots of activities and fun that made us not think so much about her leaving. Plus, she promised she would visit us 🙂

Here’s how our party went:

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A Look Into Creative Movement With MS. GIGI!

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

Welcome back 🙂 As many of you know, each year we are very excited about the activities, arts and crafts and other exciting CES adventures that we offer to our enrolled students! One of the many things that our kids are loving this year is Creative Movement. It’s a new enrichment activity that we wanted to give a try and they are hooked 🙂

On Fridays, you can find our Creative Movement teacher, Ms. Gigi teaching the students exciting dance material to all of their favorite songs! Even us staff give it a try. Haha. Here’s what happens on Fridays…

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Introducing Our New Dance Teacher — Mr. Taurus Broadhurst

So many of you know (if not all) that we just began our new session of dance on last week! Please welcome to our program, Mr. Taurus who will be overseeing the class. This class will take place on every Tuesday in the library (where yoga was last year). The times are as followed:

  • Kindergarten: 400pm-430pm
  • PK4: 430pm-5pm
  • PK3: 5pm-530pm

Should the location change, we will notify the office administrators! Capoeira will continue to take place on Mondays outside on our playground and Art on Wednesdays in the classrooms.

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