Come Find Out What’s Going On At J.O. Wilson!

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

We’re back and delighted to share a snippet (or two, three) of our LITTLE FRIENDS over at J.O. Wilson Elementary! They have  been having tons of fun and cool adventures with Site Coordinator Ms. Helene and staff; along with enrichment instructors, Mr. Dale (Capoeira) and Ms. Ayana (Yoga).

It also looks like our friendly Kindergarten faces had a friendship-bracelet and necklace making party! At CES, we truly love arts + crafts because that’s the perfect time to let our students be creative and artsy in their own way; and with their own imagination! Let’s take a look:

PS: Ms. Helene, your friends at Bancroft say HEY!

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BANCROFT | Mother’s Day + Crafts Recap

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

On last week at Bancroft we celebrated our MOTHERS every single day! CES MOMS, did you receive at least 5 special somethings, well put together by your little one(s)? You should have! Because they worked so very hard on their mini projects in showing their love for you.

There were even some students creating double of the same project and I asked, “Oh are you making one for your grandmother too?!” Wellllll unfortunately that was NOT the case, and instead ALL for you, MOM!

**One thing about craft time at Bancroft, I instruct the teachers to allow their students to be creative in their very own way, by themselves. I think it’s important to watch and help from a distance in implementing fun + creativity; and also gives them some free space to come up with their own ideas!

Here’s what they did:

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A Look Into Art Class — BUILDING A DRUM 101

Did you know, that you could build a drum using only 2 supplies: Styrofoam cups + tape!? We didn’t either until our art teacher, Ms. Queen successful showed us a quick How To! Our CES kids certainly had a lot of fun with this one — and couldn’t wait to beat on the drum in their own little way 🙂

But of course parents, I’m sure you’ve have enough of this so called drum beating by now!

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RECAP | Black History Month + Valentine’s Day Projects

Hello Parents, Friends and Guardians!

Hope that everyone has been well and warm during the last few days of freezing weather — brrrr!

So last week was fun-filled (no surprise here!), as all of our classes got right to work celebrating Black History Month and our beloved LOVE holiday = Valentine’s Day!

Each class completed one project of each with our ever so crafty and creative teachers.

Here’s what happened!

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PS: Did you all enjoy your SNOW DAY this week?

CES Welcomes New Art Instructor — Ms. Tiffanie Jackson!

On last Wednesday, we began our enrichment activities. This year it will include art and capoeira (with soccer and yoga in the Spring). We are happy to welcome Ms. Tiffanie Jackson to our program as the new art instructor! To begin her journey with us, she taught our students how to make their very own crafty turkeys as we gear up for the Thanksgiving holiday! Did I mention that our students LOVE crafts?!

**Capoeira will be on Mondays; Art on Wednesdays

Here’s what happened…

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El pasado miércoles, comenzamos nuestras actividades de enriquecimiento. Este año se incluyen arte y capoeira (con el fútbol y el yoga en la primavera). Nos complace dar la bienvenida a la Sra. Tiffanie Jackson a nuestro programa como el nuevo instructor de arte! Para empezar su viaje con nosotros, se enseñó a nuestros alumnos cómo realizar su propia crafty pavos como nos preparamos para la fiesta de Acción de Gracias! ¿He mencionado que nuestros estudiantes AMOR artesanía?!

** Capoeira serán los lunes; el arte de los miércoles

he aquí lo que ocurrió…