About CES

Capitol Educational Support, Inc. (CES) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create community-based academic, enrichment and social mentoring programs for children throughout the
United States.

CES Aftercare at Bancroft Elementary School (Washington, DC) is for students in grades PS-K ONLY

  • Aftercare runs from 3:30pm – 6:00pm Monday through Friday
  • Cost for aftercare is $225/month
  • All students must complete a CES registration form in order to attend, and include a $20 registration fee.
  • Students may drop-in for $13/day
  • Enrolled students will receive sports/arts/academic enrichment at no additional cost.

There will be no reduced rate offered for aftercare this year. If you cannot afford the monthly tuition, you are REQUIRED to register for childcare vouchers immediately.

To register for a voucher, please go to:

The Child Care Services Division (4001 South Capitol Street, SE Washington, DC 20032)


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