Mother’s Day Stuff With Our Friends at Bancroft!

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

Happy belated Mother’s Day to ALL of our wonderful mommies who help make our program a success by allowing your child to share moments with our Bancroft + JO Wilson staff in after school! This has been one extremely fun year and as we prepare to say goodbye to the 2016-2017 school year, we surely made plans to help celebrate you all. This year, all CES after-school classes opened their creative boxes and colored, cut, glued, and pasted some LOVELY projects! Each class made their very own Mother’s Day cards; some for mommies and others for grand mommies! They really took their time and made sure to create something meaningful and express just how much they truly feel about you!

Additionally, we also spent that week reading books centered around mommies (Mama Bears, Mama Bunnies… among others).

Did you love your card? Make sure you pin your coloring sheets up somewhere visible for gentle reminders of just how much you mean to your child(ren)! Oh, but DADS… you’re next!

Here’s what happened…

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