On Fridays At Bancroft, We Build Things!

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

On last week, we had some pretty great weather! Actually, the last couple of weeks we’ve had fairly warm weather considering that it is now the very end of January.  So of course our friends had to take much advantage of it! We spent a lot of time outside from 3:30-4:00pm. However, I had to remind them that they still must wear their jackets/sweaters.

“It’s not quite Spring yet friends!” 🙂

This week, the temperature will return to the mid thirties, so I am really glad that we got a chance to revisit the sunshine if only for a couple of days.

On Fridays, the kindergarten class and I have a adopted a theme where we play a bit with our imagination(s).  On the last few Fridays we’ve talked about sea creatures, different types of fruits/veggies, and a discussion on bullying.  Last Friday, the class as a whole, decided to create and build something with the use of their imaginations. With that in mind, they broke up into groups and built:

  • a dog house
  • a barbie/doll house
  • airplanes
  • boats/ships

We also had a couple of our friends who opted to hang out in the reading corner and read books centered around “construction”. Let’s take a look!

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***Announcement: Parents, I have received a few calls regarding lost items such as jackets, scarves, hats, etc. Most times, I am able to retrieve the items by looking around the classrooms. There isn’t an official Lost & Found location in the school, but as always, I will keep my eyes open and hope for a speedy return!