Happy New School Year… Let’s Catch Up! (Bancroft)

Hi Family, Friends + Guardians!

We know, we know — It’s December of a new school year and you’ve probably been wondering “Now what in the world has my child been up to in after-school?!” Well before we get into all of that, let’s play catch up from the end of last year! We had such a fun time ending the year on a good note, I absolutely must show that part of the CES experience!

As always each year, we end with a popsicle party outside on the playground — each class together! On this particular day, our dear Creative Movement instructor got to join us.  The girls also hula-hooped and well the boys, kicked around the soccer balls. And all of us created art with some chalk!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We surely hope that our last year’s Kindergarteners are enjoying 1st grade this year!!

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