Happy Holidays + Happy New Year From Your Friends At Bancroft!

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

Your friends at Bancroft are delighted to share with you holiday adventures from the last week of after school before the big break! We had such a great time listening + dancing to Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and many other songs! We also thoroughly enjoyed holiday themed yoga and creative movement with Ms. Ayana + Ms. Gigi!

And then there were craft parties 🙂 Special thanks to Ms. Keith and Ms. Destinee for offering their cool holiday ideas for our friends! Every year it gets better and better. This year however, we designed our very own Christmas Tree ornaments with glitter and cute, jazzy things. Our little friends truly enjoyed this one, and were very happy to create something special to hang on the tree at home!

Additionally, our older friends in Kindergarten were SO fascinated with Rudolph this year, so we let them create their very own reindeer and name them as they wish!

We hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and wishing each of you a Happy New Year! 2017… Yeeaahhh, bring it on! 

Here’s what happened at Bancroft:

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PK Chronicles: It Looks A Lot Like Christmas At JO Wilson!

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well, over at JO Wilson, that is! Looks like our little friends are in the holiday spirit and are ready for the long awaited extended break. There has been music, laughter, silly faces, story time, free play with blocks and puzzles…. and of course, CRAFTS! You know how much we love our creative adventures 🙂

Many, many thanks to all of our JO Wilson teachers and enrichment staff who truly have a passion for what they do and warm patience in working with our CES kiddos during after-school hours.

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PS: Be sure to check the Capital Educational Support website (www.capedsupport.com) over the holiday break for updates and announcements regarding the return after New Year!

Mittens, Scarves + Coats! Is Your Child Bundled UP For Winter??

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

December has arrived which means no outside play unless your child is BUNDLED UP! Some days are warmer than others, but for the most part, the very cold DC weather has made its landing. The rule is: no coat, no play! We certainly do not want any of our little friends getting sick before the holidays 🙂

Don’t they look warm + cozy?!

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Come Find Out What’s Going On At J.O. Wilson!

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

We’re back and delighted to share a snippet (or two, three) of our LITTLE FRIENDS over at J.O. Wilson Elementary! They have  been having tons of fun and cool adventures with Site Coordinator Ms. Helene and staff; along with enrichment instructors, Mr. Dale (Capoeira) and Ms. Ayana (Yoga).

It also looks like our friendly Kindergarten faces had a friendship-bracelet and necklace making party! At CES, we truly love arts + crafts because that’s the perfect time to let our students be creative and artsy in their own way; and with their own imagination! Let’s take a look:

PS: Ms. Helene, your friends at Bancroft say HEY!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s What We’re Thankful For…

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

This year for Thanksgiving we only had two days for activities right before the extended break. On the first day, each class discussed the holiday and talked about their favorite part and favorite holiday food! We then colored turkeys only using the warm Autumn colors, as we’d previously studied the different colors of the leaves.

On the next day, we make THANKFUL TREES! The students were instructed to color and cut out (Kindergarten only cut; PK3 & 4 teachers helped cut for them) a tree bark and leaves; glue them down and write what they are thankful for on each leaf.

So many funny answers from the little silly gooses, but I think each and every one of the projects included “Mom and Dad” so they are DEFINITELY thankful for you guys! Take a look…

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Enrichment With Ms. Ayana (Yoga) + Creative Movement (Ms. Gigi)

Hello Parents, Guardians + Friends!

Enrichment as certainly been a joy for our little CES friends so far!  This year, we’ve been hanging out with Ms. Ayana in Yoga and the ever so colorful Ms. Gigi in Creative Movement. If you had to ask your child which they liked better, they’d probably tell you that it’s a hard choice! However, our students have asked about Mr. Dale in Capoeira so, hopefully we can get him back for next semester after the holidays!

In addition to Enrichment, we also make sure to give students enough time for outside play, free play (centers), free draw and coloring! This blog is featuring our PK4 class with teachers: Ms. Destinee, Ms. Gladys + Ms. Keith.

Nevertheless, take a peek at how much CES is enjoying this year’s fun…

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Halloween Party 101: Character Day, Pizza + Pumpkin Crafts!

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

Every year at Bancroft, we celebrate the Halloween season with a pizza party, candy, costumes + crafts! This year was no different. Special thanks to our Director, Mia Stewart for supplying the pizza and Ms. Rosales for introducing a fun 3D craft project creating very COLORFUL pumpkins! And how about the costumes?! We had so many different creatures, super-heros and princesses… let’s take a look!

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Happy New School Year… Let’s Catch Up! (Bancroft)

Hi Family, Friends + Guardians!

We know, we know — It’s December of a new school year and you’ve probably been wondering “Now what in the world has my child been up to in after-school?!” Well before we get into all of that, let’s play catch up from the end of last year! We had such a fun time ending the year on a good note, I absolutely must show that part of the CES experience!

As always each year, we end with a popsicle party outside on the playground — each class together! On this particular day, our dear Creative Movement instructor got to join us.  The girls also hula-hooped and well the boys, kicked around the soccer balls. And all of us created art with some chalk!

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We surely hope that our last year’s Kindergarteners are enjoying 1st grade this year!!