Nooooo….. Don’t Go Ms. Helene! But If You Must — We Will Miss You!

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

Unfortunately with a new, exciting year, also comes changes.  Many of you know by now that we lost an AMAZING staff member; our dedicated Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Helene. But no worries! She is still with our CES program, as Site Coordinator at JO Wilson Elementary. Want to keep in touch with her?? She welcomes you for a phone call or just a pop-up visit 🙂

And surely there was absolutely no way we could send her off without doing one of our favorite things: PARTYING! From freeze dance to stuffing our face with cupcakes + cookies! It was a bittersweet day, but with lots of activities and fun that made us not think so much about her leaving. Plus, she promised she would visit us 🙂

Here’s how our party went:

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