Introducing Our *NEW* Kindergarten Co-Teacher + Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Project

Hello Parents, Guardians + Friends!

As you discovered in our previous post about Ms. Helene moving on to facilitate our CES program at JO Wilson Elementary, an additional change also occurred. Most of you have seen/met her, but if not — please welcome Ms. Shamiyah to our program! She replaced Ms. Helene and will be co-teaching with Ms. Angie (aka Ms. Soliz) for the remainder of this school year.

Ms. Shamiyah came on board in full force as she has plenty of years of experience working with younger children.  Our kindergarten class became immediately attached 🙂 If you see her, say hello!

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Also during that week, as we prepared for the holiday, we celebrated our dear Civil Rights’ activist, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We joined the entire Bancroft Elementary family in giving lessons about his leadership, life and death.  It’s important to us that we not only have lots of fun in our program, but also take time to teach our kids history.

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Nooooo….. Don’t Go Ms. Helene! But If You Must — We Will Miss You!

Hi Parents, Guardians + Friends!

Unfortunately with a new, exciting year, also comes changes.  Many of you know by now that we lost an AMAZING staff member; our dedicated Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Helene. But no worries! She is still with our CES program, as Site Coordinator at JO Wilson Elementary. Want to keep in touch with her?? She welcomes you for a phone call or just a pop-up visit 🙂

And surely there was absolutely no way we could send her off without doing one of our favorite things: PARTYING! From freeze dance to stuffing our face with cupcakes + cookies! It was a bittersweet day, but with lots of activities and fun that made us not think so much about her leaving. Plus, she promised she would visit us 🙂

Here’s how our party went:

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Fall/Winter RECAP 2015: Parties, Outside Play + Adventure!

Hi Parents, Guardians, + Friends!

Welcome back and Happy New Year 2016! We surely hope that you all had an incredible holiday break — with family and with your dearest friends! So much has been going on and we are excited to update you!

As we prepared for our lengthy holiday break, the staff did an amazing job preparing fun Christmas and Winter activities for the kids 🙂 We colored fun sheets, discussed related themes (from snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa Clause… to mittens and coats!) On our final day before the break, they crafted their very own Christmas tree ornaments. Take a look!

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