Grant Eligibility For Our After-School Program

Parents, we are happy to have received our grant for qualified families again this year! For those of you who are registered with no fee, we will need to finalize eligibility. We will meet with you this week (October 27-29) and next week (November 2-4) from 5PM-6PM in the Teacher’s Lounge to finalize the process.


Please bring the following documents that apply to you:

Proof of Citizenship (All documents presented to verify legal status must be an original or copy certified by the issuing agency)

  • Birth Certificate (Parent)
  • Green Card
  • Visa
  • Documentation from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Social Security Card
  • Drivers Licensed

Proof of Residency (Individual documentation)

  • Current, official rent receipt (on company letter head)
  • Current mortgage payment statement in applicant’s name
  • Current utility or home telephone bill
  • A notarized letter from the person with whom the applicant lives
  • E-bills for utilities
  • Documentation of active TANF, Medicaid or Food Stamp status
  • A referral from a district government agency such as foster care or child protective services.


  • -3 Pay stubs
  • -Gross salaries or wages of one or both parent/guardians
  • -Net income from self-employment
  • -Any social security or veteran benefits
  • -Income of children receiving subsidized care (child support or social security)
  • -Unemployment Compensation
  • -Alimony
  • -Portion of an educational grant that is specifically designated for living expenses

If you have any questions, please call our Director, Mia Stewart directly at: 202-957-1331 

Charli Holbrook
CES Site Coordinator
Bancroft Elementary