Introducing Our New Dance Teacher — Mr. Taurus Broadhurst

So many of you know (if not all) that we just began our new session of dance on last week! Please welcome to our program, Mr. Taurus who will be overseeing the class. This class will take place on every Tuesday in the library (where yoga was last year). The times are as followed:

  • Kindergarten: 400pm-430pm
  • PK4: 430pm-5pm
  • PK3: 5pm-530pm

Should the location change, we will notify the office administrators! Capoeira will continue to take place on Mondays outside on our playground and Art on Wednesdays in the classrooms.

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Fun Outside For Outside PLAY!

As the weather continues to give us blissful sunshine, we continue to play! Somedays longer than others, depending on if we have an activity or project scheduled; but we always, always give our students plenty of playtime outside right after snack!

I like to carry my camera around taking candids of them, haha. They silliest things that they do are extra priceless and should never go unnoticed!

Do you enjoy fresh sunlight too? Parents are always welcome to come play with us!

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Recap | Oh, How We Love Our Amazing Mothers!

During the week prior to Mother’s Day, each of our CES classes completed one big project, with mini coloring projects throughout the week. We made them really pink, really red… just really colorful — all for our amazing mothers!

If you’re a Kindergarten mother, you should have received a Mother’s Day DIY book full of their week-long hard work created by myself and Ms. Helene! If you’re a PK4 mother, you should have gotten a DIY tissue paper flower/vase (water bottle) with a cutesy bow created by Ms. Keith and Ms. Gladys. If you are a PK3 mother, you got quite a few really small DIY gifts created by Ms. Dela Rosa and Ms. Flores.

Take a look!

**Note, not all pictures from that week have been collected. Will update this post once received!

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