Chalk Art Fun In the Sun + Rock Painting Party For EARTH DAY!

On last week, I decided to come up with a extremely fun activity in honor of EARTH DAY/WEEK! We had some “not so best” weather on Earth Day, which was on Wednesday, so instead, we played on our best day, FRIDAY!

Chalk art and rock painting was the planĀ and that’s exactly what we did. Initially, we wanted to do each activity outside in the sun that would keep us in one place during after care. We were going to spread out our newspapers and go to work with our paint, but due to it being slightly windy + chilly, we only stayed outside for the chalk art party!

Afterwards, we transitioned back into our classrooms to make a mess with PAINT! And by mess, I really do mean mess šŸ™‚

**FYI, parents feel free to save your child’s pictures by simply right-click and save.

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Congratulations Graduates! CES Pre K 3 & 4 Complete Jumpstart!

Remember that day your little ones began this journey? Way back in January?? Well they finally excelled and completed their crazy fun Jumpstart adventure with the lovely college students from American University!

From dramatic play, reading comprehension, to small circle playtime, I think it’s safe to say that our kiddos truly enjoyed themselves!

Congratulations to our CES friends!

Meanwhile, in kindergarten, they were making colorful paper airplanes šŸ™‚

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Happy Easter! AFTER SCHOOL Style!

After a week-long prep, IĀ decided to give our CES friends something fun and excited to enjoy as we prepared for the short holiday. Why not have a cute Easter Egg hunt?? Come on, who doesn’t want to see happy childrenĀ running around in search of colorful little things?Ā Sounds like our type of party!

So first, we had Pre-K 3 and 4 have their Easter Egg hunt on our playground. There, they were given brown paper bags which I colored and designed to hold their plastic toy eggs (each egg had 5 jellybeans).

After their hunt, the kindergarten had theirs! We let them decorate their own ziploc bags with Easter and Spring inspired stickers! Lastly, each child in our program received 1 pack of peanut or cheese crackers and 1 pack of fruit snacks! I also gave our hardworking staff a treat!

This was SO much fun and definitely the highlight so far of our Spring season! Keep in mind, pictures tell 1,000 stories šŸ™‚

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Pre-K3 Welcoming Spring With Easter + Cherry Blossoms!

With April, comes showers, bunnies, eggs and cherry blossoms! And our little ones made sure to remind us all about it! Thanks to our Pre-K3 teachers Ms. Dela Rosa and Ms. Flores, they got extra busy with our funĀ April crafts!

They made colorful bunnies using cotton balls and COLOR! And also created some pretty neat Cherry Blossom trees with finger paint!

Lets take a look!

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