A Look Into Art Class — BUILDING A DRUM 101

Did you know, that you could build a drum using only 2 supplies: Styrofoam cups + tape!? We didn’t either until our art teacher, Ms. Queen successful showed us a quick How To! Our CES kids certainly had a lot of fun with this one — and couldn’t wait to beat on the drum in their own little way 🙂

But of course parents, I’m sure you’ve have enough of this so called drum beating by now!

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Spring Has Sprung — Flowers and Airplanes and Kites, Oh My!

There’s nothing like enjoying a gorgeous SPRING day outside when you have all the necessities! (Even for us adults). So we decided to craft up some super cool, colorful airplanes + kites and journey outside to test them! Of course this was a pretty BIG deal for our little PK-4 gentleman 🙂

Lots of fun we had!

Also, in the kindergarten class, Ms. Helene discussed the growth of a spring flower. They read books and explored all the qualities of a potted plant.

Take a look!

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