Hey! We Know How To Have Birthday Parties Too!

On last week, we had a special Kindergartener celebrate his birthday! How could I not say YES to having a party??? Happy Birthday again to Alejandro Soliz who turned 6 years old. We had jello, fruit cake (with not so sweet icing), skittles and ended the  party with a game of FREEZE DANCE.

Yes, it was fun!

**PS: For any parents wanting to throw an After School birthday party for your child, you certainly can! Either during snack time in the cafeteria (or) in the classroom (after 4:30pm).

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Welcome Spring! Our Fun Return To the Playground For Outside Play

While we “officially” await for Spring to arrive this weekend — we couldn’t help but to rush and tackle the playground and happily squint at the beautiful rays of sunshine! During snack time in the cafeteria everyday, our CES kids love to ask if we’re going outside to play — unfortunately, we had to answer “No, not today…” during our wintery months; but ever since we’ve sprung forward, “YES!” has been the answer everyday!

We also held Capoeira outside last week and this week! It was just too beautiful to be inside 🙂

Here’s what happened…

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